19 Years of Fitness: Here’s What I Would Tell Myself From Day One If I Started All Over

✍️ Notes from Meme:
1 : Notice I’m in better shape at 28 yrs than 21
2: I can still enjoy beer & life
3: 2022 I tried no carbs, got too lean, now back to carbs

Hi I’m Austin 👋🏼

Growing up, I would’ve been the last person you’d expect to have a fitness program.

Now, friends and family come to me first for advice.

“Okay so you weren’t born natural, so how’d you do it?”

It was only in hindsight I realized what made the difference. I tried so many different approaches that I figured out what was a lie and what was necessary.I stripped out all the wasted effort and kept what got me the results.

I made those my daily routine.

That’s what “The Alpha ₿lueprint” is. A guide to get you your desired results.

I know how hard it can be to get pulled in every direction from different ‘gurus’.

I think it comes down to one principle: consistency over intensity.

You don’t have to change your whole life to get peak health.

I would argue the exact opposite.

You can pay someone a ton of money for all these over-optimized fancy strategies but…

It always comes down to consistency of simple habits over an unusually long time.

“So now I know what will get me results (keep reading) , how do I avoid the burnout?”

It comes down to motivation, purpose, your “why”.

It wasn’t until a few years after I saw results, I realized I didn’t keep up my daily habits for appearance.

It was my productivity level. It was how good I felt when I was focused on my health.

When you sustain healthy habits, you feel the difference, then you start to notice how crappy you feel when you fall back to old habits.

I realized how easy it was to drink a few beers and order that pizza when I started to slack off.

(I still enjoy these things today. I have a detailed strategy in the blueprint. Remember the point of this is to have a balanced lifestyle, going out with friends on the weekend and enjoying yourself is apart of life you don’t have to sacrifice for health.)

It would start a negative cycle that leaks into all aspects of life. (Secret on how to fix this Is in blueprint )

I noticed when I was consuming healthy food, planning out time for the gym, focused on my goals, that’s when I started to add more things into my doubting. Not less.

I would read at night, listening to podcasts while going on walks, meditate. It was less about what I was ‘seeing” and more about how I was ‘feeling’. Unfortunately 91% of the people get stuck where I was in 2015 (meme)

You get some results and sometimes feel motivated.

Have burst of intensity, but fizzle out. (Stuck in cycles.)

How I Hacked the Game called Fitness: (Actionable Steps)

Look I get it, no one gives a shit about fitness until… they see how easy it really is..

The Fitness industry is bamboozling you.

I bet there’s a massive gap between what I do vs what you think I do..

Starts with, Why don’t you get results?

You quit.

How do you not quit?

Make it so easy, it’s hard to quit (becomes addicting) That’s what I did. And that’s what I’m going to share with you (4 specific goals):

4 Rule Framework:

  • 1-ingredient foods (yes, you can eat carbs)
  • 8-hour eating window (intermittent fasting is the secret to life)
  • Workout 3x a week (yes, it can be in your living room)
  • 10k steps – daily (phones track it)

Anyone can do this..

This framework drives 80% of my results. (It took my 6 years to figure that out)

Get Started:

The hardest part is gaining momentum. Write those 4 goals down from above, and make sure it’s somewhere you see them everyday.


You’re not a robot. It takes time to make changes. You will fuck up and that’s OKAY (After about ~3 weeks it will feel effortless)

Making Progress:

You won’t hit all of the goals right away. The ones you did hit should feel easier next week. The ones you missed, now get more attention… focus on those.

It’s not all or nothing:

Build, grind, accept you aren’t perfect. Get small, controllable wins.

Fitness is about who can do it the longest, not who does the most.

Repeat this process for 3 months and you will be unrecognizable.

Everything I learned over the last 9 years I put in here. Open Source: ₿lueprint:


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