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3 Reasons Why Vlad Costea Recommends Trezor and BitBox02 Over Coldcard

3 Reasons Why Vlad Costea Recommends Trezor and BitBox02 Over Coldcard 

Vlad Costea explained why he recommends Trezor and BitBox02 as your hardware wallet of choice.

Of the hardware wallets available on the market, I recommend Trezor and BitBox02 for 3 reasons:

  1. they’re open source
  2. they’re built & maintained by Bitcoin developers who created BIPs & standards
  3. most importantly: they invest in open source research & development to improve Bitcoin security all across the board

I can’t recommend Coldcard because:

  1. it doesn’t use an open source license
  2. it’s built & maintained by 2 guys who just copied existing libraries and marketed them towards “toxic” bitcoiners
  3. they created 0 innovation, didn’t even pay bounties to the guys who disclosed vulnerabilities in 2019 & 2020. They sent mugs & t-shirts, lol.

Some whitehat hackers refuse to look at the Coldcard anymore because they know there’s no money to be made. But they can always receive nice bounties if they break Trezor or Ledger devices.

Buy a Trezor because it’s open-source and very reliable. You can load the bitcoin-only firmware.
Get a Bitbox02 because it’s the smallest and can connect to your phone. There’s a bitcoin-only edition.
Get a Coldcard MK4, considered the best and most secure option to store your sats. Can be completely offline. Use promo code CKBTC to get 5% off your purchase when you pay in Bitcoin.

What do you think? Are these reasons enough to choose Trezor and BitBox02 over Coldcard or any of the other hardware wallets available on the market?

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