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5 Shockingly Easy Methods to Kick-Start Your Own Profitable Bitcoin Business Today! 

As the fascination for Bitcoin gallops across the global business spectrum, more budding entrepreneurs are dabbling with the idea of setting up a Bitcoin business. If you are one of those seeking advice on how to start a Bitcoin business, guess what, you are at the right place. Here, we have carved out five practical ways to help entrepreneurs build their realm to ride on the Bitcoin wave.

5. Plebbin

Plebbin is a selling platform that can serve as an excellent ground to start your Bitcoin business ideas. It’s as easy as creating an account for your business, listing your products, and you are all set to commence selling. The interface of Plebbin is conducive to business growth, offering robust navigation, easy account set-up, and optimized for sales conversions. You’re selling directly for sats to an audience looking to buy in bitcoin. Sign up now and earn 210 sats to begin with.

4. Nostr

Nostr, characterized by its bitcoin-integrated features, is another potential arena to kick-start your Bitcoin business. All you need is to create an account for your venture and the products or services you offer. From there, you can utilize their zapping feature that can simplify the entire selling process. Your potential customers can easily reach out to you through direct messages, making Nostr a convenient hub for business transactions. Also noteworthy is Nostr’s tool to create an actual shop, making it an excellent avenue for those who wish to set up a more professional and organized business entity. If you’re interested, you can get started at

Other possible ways to use Nostr as a marketplace is the lnbits plugin, the new nostr classifieds and finally the the upcoming Civ Kit implementation

Learn more about CivKit on Bitcoin Takeover

3. Instagram

With more than one billion active users monthly, Instagram is an undoubtedly potent platform for any type of business, including a Bitcoin venture. Leverage Instagram’s features to promote your products or services to a broad audience. Using visually appealing content, stories, and live sessions, you can effectively engage with potential customers and increase your brand’s visibility.

While transactions might need to take place off the platform, Instagram indeed helps in laying down a strong foundation for your Bitcoin business.

If your product is visual, make sure you create some nice photos and videos for it and show it on a dedicated instagram account. It might take off and you can always use lightning and DMs or emails to complete orders.

2. Twitter

Twitter, a massive social media platform, can also be harnessed to reach a larger and more diverse audience for your Bitcoin business. With its trending hashtags and microblogging nature, Twitter allows businesses, small or large, to partake in larger Bitcoin conversation threads, increase followers, and thereby improve overall brand reach.

Bitcoin twitter is still very active and a great networking tool

1. Whatever you do, just show your work

These tips I’ve written above might be useful, but the overall strategy should be the same no matter what you actually choose to do. Show your work, remember that bitcoiners love proof of work. Pick one or two avenues to focus on, it’s best to become well-known on a niche account rather than spreading yourself thin on all of them.

And just talk about what you’re creating. Be it a service or a product, or even artwork, it’s your page. Don’t think you’re posting too much, don’t think you’re making people bored. If they don’t like what you do, they can just unfollow or scroll away. Nobody’s forcing them to be on your page looking at your stuff. And others will love your stuff.

Dealing with Fear

I want to start a Bitcoin business.

Do it.

But I’m scared.

Do it scared.

Certainly, starting a Bitcoin business could be daunting, especially in the face of its volatile nature and the uncertainties that lie ahead. Fear of risk is common among entrepreneurs but do not let it deter your entrepreneurial spirit. As many entrepreneurs said, “Do it scared”, confront your apprehensions and forge ahead. The fear of failure should not stymie your path to starting your Bitcoin venture. Instead, use it as a motivation to relentlessly work towards success.

In conclusion, starting a Bitcoin business offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are ready to tap into the potential of this digital frontier. These four platforms offer great starting points to cultivate your Bitcoin venture. Starting a Bitcoin business, especially when you’re apprehensive, might seem like a leap into the unknown. However, with the right platforms, clear information and resilient spirit, odds are that you might land into a realm of lucrative prospects. Remember, it’s essential to explore, experiment and more importantly, evolve with the ecosystem. Don’t shy away from starting your Bitcoin business – do it scared but do it right.

Bear markets are for building.

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