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Around El Salvador in 40 Lightning Payments
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Around El Salvador in 40 Lightning Payments 

Here’s the bitcoin story of Arnold Hubach in El Salvador.

I’ve been in El Salvador for three weeks now and did 40+ #bitcoin lightning payments ⚡️

Let me show you around – from my Airbnb, surf classes, Boston, Starbucks, to many more food/drink places! 🇸🇻

Starting with brunch in El Zonte at Canegue Cafe. Cash or bitcoin only. No card 💳

One of the most delicious brunches in the country!

My Airbnb in El Zonte, 4amigos, accepts lightning too.

Pro tip: text them on Instagram so you save Airbnb fees!

Fresh mango, papaya, banana’s and coconut included! 🥭 🥥 🍌 Three dogs included as well! 🐶

Bosten premium ice cream.

Accepts @chivowallet , obviously both on-chain and ⚡️

Unfortunately… only Chivo->Chivo.

The best pupusa’s of the country are at Pupuseria Geisy.

Be early, this is the local hotspot for good food! 🫓

Supermarket Super Selectos accepts sats too. Unfortunately the computer mouse didn’t work, so had to pay with card…

But: technically and theoretically they should be able to accept #BTC

Of course I bought crepes, coffee and ice cream at

@MyfirstBitcoin_ Diplomado in Apopa. Youngsters at their school organized a bitcoin marketplace. Sats straight going from my

@PhoenixWallet to their

@blinkbtc wallet.

Of course I visited Starbucks several times and experienced very flawless payment experiences with

Refreshers, cappuccino and more ☕️

Sats the standard!

I almost forgot to add the Keken meal from Puro Surf in El Zonte 🍽️

Or that pupusa place on the opposite of the
where I was coworking (day pass also paid with sats)

On my last day at the coast it squeezed in a surf class where I paid to my surf instructor with @Strike.

“I’ve never had a bad experience with #bitcoin” he told me.

This is just a compilation. Without too much effort I used my lightning wallet 40+ times in ~ three weeks, ~2 times a day!

Groceries, coffee, dinner, settle up with friends,
meetup, snacks from the gas station and so much more.

El Salvador is winning!! 🇸🇻

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