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Around the World in 40 Bitcoin Days
Bitcoin Events

Around the World in 40 Bitcoin Days 

Arsh Molu gathered most bitcoin events and conventions happening in 2023 in a mega thread. Find it here:

1/ Nashville Energy & Mining Summit

⏲️January 12-13

📍Nashville, Tennessee

An intimate two-day summit focused on energy production and bitcoin mining. Hosted by

3/ Bitcoin Day

⏲️January 21

📍Naples, Florida

is a chance for local communities, business professionals, newbies, and cryptocurrency leaders to gather under one roof to inspire, socialize, and learn from each other.

4/ Advancing Bitcoin

⏲️March 2-3

📍London, United Kingdom

continues it’s 6th developer focused conference featuring talks, workshops, and networking.

5/ Empower: Energizing Bitcoin

⏲️March 7-9

📍Houston, Texas

Empower is a bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy — bringing together energy, mining, finance, and other professionals in the city that powers the world. Hosted by

6/ LightningCon

⏲️March 23-24

📍Danang, Vietnam

Hosted by
, LightningCon will primarily be focused on the lightning network. Two full days of sessions which will cover current developments of the lightning network and much more!

7/ Nigeria Bitcoin Conference

⏲️March 24-25

📍Lagos City, Nigeria

is Nigeria’s first Bitcoin-only conference focused on connecting and educating the people of Nigera and Africa with the rest of the world.


8/ Bitcoin Island Retreat

⏲️March 27-29

📍Boracay, Philippines

Hosted by
, the two day retreat is designed to facilitate small group and individual interactions. Featured, will be small group discussions and networking events.

9/ Bitcoin Alive

⏲️April 15

📍Sydney, Australia

will bring together Australia’s Bitcoin Community for a day of the highest quality Bitcoin content from the best minds in Bitcoin from both Australia and overseas.

10/ BTC++

⏲️April 28-30

📍Austin, Texas

Hosted by
is a three-day developer-focused conference focused on Layer 2s + onchain privacy. Attendees can look forward to lectures and workshops with a smaller technically focused crowd.

11/ Bitcoin Day

⏲️May 6

📍Omaha, Nebraska

is back for it’s second event of the year! Bitcoin day is a chance for local communities, business professionals, and newbies to gather under one roof to inspire, socialize, and learn together!

12/ Thank God For Bitcoin

⏲️May 16-17

📍Miami, Florida

@ThankGodForBTC ‘s goal is to educate & equip Christians to understand Bitcoin & use it for the glory of god and the good of people everywhere.

13/ Bitcoin 2023

⏲️May 18-20

📍Miami Florida

Hosted by
is back for its 4th annual conference. As one of the largest Bitcoin conference globally, the event is packed with education, announcements, and celebration.

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14/ Pizza Day Prague

⏲️May 20-21

📍Prague, Czech Republic

aims to bridge the atmosphere of Bitcoin’s early days to the present by creating an open space for discussion and inspiration without political or economical dogmas.

15/ Braiins Mining Conference

⏲️June 7

📍Prague, Czech Republic

Hosted by
, The conference is focused on mining. Talks and panels will focus on the highest quality and most important topics in the industry.

16/ BTC Prague

⏲️June 8-10

📍Prague, Czech Republic

As communities are growing in Europe and many great projects are being created, @BtcPrague aims to bridge the language barriers between these communities and peek behind the curtain of each country.

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17 A / Oslo Freedom Forum

⏲️June 13-15

📍Oslo, Norway

will hold the 15th annual
. As a part of this forum, human rights activists, educators, and builders from the Bitcoin space come together alongside dissidents and activists from around the world to explore the link between human rights and financial tools, such as bitcoin and stablecoins, that provide a lifeline to millions who face financial repression and exclusion.


18/ Canadian Bitcoin Conference

⏲️June 17

📍Toronto, Canada

is a “High signal, low noise” Bitcoin-only conference. More details to be announced soon.

19/ Bitcoin Beach Retreat

⏲️July 7-10

📍North Wales, United Kingdom

is a local retreat which aims to bring together local bitcoiners for a weekend to have discussions about Bitcoin.

20/ Bitcoin Zitadelle

⏲️July 13-16

📍Stattegg, Austria

is a chill event built by the plebs, for the plebs. The 4 day event covers workshops, networking, and tons of bitcoin education.

21/ Blockchain Days

⏲️July 13-17

📍Mallorca, Spain

Hosted by,
, Blockchain day’s missions aims to connect people who love liberty and bitcoin!

22/ Bitcoin Takeover

⏲️August 11th-13th

📍Isle Of Man, United Kingdom

is a fun packed 3 day event built by plebs, for plebs,

23/ Bit Block Boom

⏲️August 24-27

📍Austin, Texas

Hosted by @GaryLeland @bitblockboom is back for its 6th annual conference. BitBlockBoom is one of the most hard core Bitcoin-Only conferences to bring together and connect bitcoiners.

24/ Surfin’ Bitcoin

⏲️August 25-27

📍Biarritz, France

is back and better this year. With over 2,000 in attendance, the target is to educate a wide spectrum of bitcoiners.

25/ Baltic Honey Badger

⏲️September 2-3

📍Riga, Latvia

Hosted by @hodlhodl , Baltic Honey Badger is an event dedicated to Bitcoin development and adoption and will consist of various entertainment, educational, and networking events.

26/ Tabconf

⏲️September 6-9

📍Atlanta, Georgia

is the leading technical bitcoin conference which aims to bring together experts from around the world to share insights, knowledge, and experience about the latest developments in Bitcoin.

27/ BTC 2023

⏲️September 14-17

📍Innsbruck, Austria

is the largest Bitcoin conference in German: Three days with bitcoiners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from space – full of lectures, debates and conversations.

28/ BTC Azores

⏲️September 23-24

📍Azores, Portugal

is a technical meeting for developers, technologists, architects and other technically inclined bitcoiners.

29/ Pacific Bitcoin Conference

⏲️October 5-6

📍Los Angles, California

aims to be the West Coast’s premier gathering featuring the top speakers, sponsors and attendees from the Bitcoin industry.


30/ Plan B Forum

⏲️October 20-21

📍Lugano, Switzerland

is the premier Bitcoin conference bringing together world leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs to discuss nation-state Bitcoin adoption, economics, financial freedom, and more!

31/ The Bitcoin Collective Conference

⏲️October Official Date TBA

📍London, United Kingdom

Aiming to create inclusive discussion,
is committed to creating an inclusive environment for an honest and open dialogue about Bitcoin topics.

32/ Watch Out Bitcoin

⏲️October Official Date TBA

📍Madrid, Spain

is focused on bitcoin from a Hispanic and universal reference and topics on digital currency.


33/ Adopting Bitcoin

⏲️November 7

📍San Salvador, El Salvador

Hosted by @GaloyMoney, @AdoptingBTC’s lighting summit is back this year. After over a year, The Bitcoin Law leveled the playing field between Bitcoin and the Dollar in El Salvador.

34/ Bitcoin4India

⏲️November Official date TBA

📍Goa, India

is back this year for it’s highly anticipated conference. Bitcoin4India is Asia’s largest Bitcoin-Only conference which aims to educate people all across Asia and beyond!

35/ Sats Conf

⏲️November Official date TBA

📍São Paulo, Brazil

aims to brings together some of the biggest national and international exponents of Bitcoin to share knowledge about freedom, individual sovereignty and the internet of money.

36/ Bitcoin Baden

⏲️December 2

📍Baden, Switzerland

is aimed at a broad audience. In attendance, local bitcoiners come together to answer the questions of many bitcoiners.

37/ Unconfiscatable

⏲️December 6-7

📍Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosted by @ToneVays ,@unconfiscatable is back with another year of bringing together high profile speakers from the world to discuss Bitcoin technology with emphasis on scalability and privacy.

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