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Bitcoin Makes Scents
Bitcoin Fiction

Bitcoin Makes Scents 

Georgia was feeling happy that fine morning. Bitcoin was pumping, she opened her app and saw huge green candles that delighted her.
She hopped out of bed, kicking the sheets away and got ready to make some damn candles of her own! She was in such a good mood. Now all she needed were some proper materials to work with.

She hit up her local craft store, stocked up on wax and wicks, and then headed to the hardware store for the necessary tools.
“Green stuff, please.”
“Green?” the owner asked. He smelled like freshly-cut grass and old jeans.
“Yes, bitcoin is pumping, I’m in the mood for green stuff.”
The clerk puffed his cheeks, thinking. “Well, you always ask for natural dyes. So let’s go with spirulina, matcha, chlorella, spinach.”
“Yes, gimme all of that.”
“All of it?”
“Just mess up my stack, John.” She presented her boltcard.
John sighed. “You’re gonna bug me about accepting lightning again, aren’t you?”
“Look!” She showed him the big green candles, not the real ones, the ones on the bitcoin chart.
“I’m looking,” he deadpanned.
“If you had accepted my sats last week, you’d be up 6% already, you big dummy.”
“But I don’t get it, Georgia. Doesn’t that mean that you’re losing more money now that you’re spending your sats?”
She shrugged. “Eh. 1 bitcoin equals 1 bitcoin. Plus it all evens out over time. What matters most is to get big dummies like you using lightning.” She gave him her sweetest smile. “Now, are you gonna let me swipe my card or are you gonna leave me hanging?”
John shook his head. “Ugh! Fine. Whatever. Show me again how to do this, I wasn’t paying attention the last fifty times you told me about it.”
Georgia mocked a dramatic gasp and leaned over the counter. “Okay, download a lightning app that lets you do POS. Um, yeah, that one is fine. Tap download.”
“Okay. Now what? It’s in sats.”
“Tap the amount to switch to fiat. Okay, now charge me like you normally would.”
John figured it out pretty quickly and showed her the invoice. “Now what?”
“Now I swipe.” She tapped her boltcard on his phone, and it glinged happily.
“What? Just like that?” John said in amazement.
“Just like that,” Georgia said smugly.
Once she had everything she needed, she got to work.
Using a double boiler, she melted down the wax and added in some dyes to give the candles a nice green color. After that, she placed the wicks in the bottoms of the containers and filled them with the wax.
It took about forty minutes to make them, and then they had to cool down for another hour. It was alright, she could wait. She liked giving things time to get them right. While she waited, she went for yet another grocery run outside. By the time she was back with some fresh bacon and veggies, her new candles were ready to go.
She lit one of the candles and watched as the soft glow filled up the room, feeling a sense of accomplishment. She was proud of her hard work and the beautiful candles she had made. Now she just needed to find the perfect spot to put them.
Georgia decided to put the candle on her kitchen table, so it could be enjoyed while she ate a delicious brunch. She posed them this way and that, getting the display just right. Then she took a couple of photos, and uploaded them on her twitter and instagram.
She posted a caption along with the pics. ‘Hey guys, green candles for a green candle day! They smell lovely, grab them while you can! Limited supply only, 20.000 sats each plus shipping. DM me.’
She smiled as she watched the flickering light, feeling content and excited for the day ahead.
It was a perfect day. Nothing and nobody could ever ruin it for her.
And that’s when she met the shitcoiner who was about to ruin it.

To be continued.

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