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Bitcoin Miners, Big or Small. You’ve Got Bills to Pay. Here’s a Lifehack For You

Bitcoin Miners, Big or Small. You’ve Got Bills to Pay. Here’s a Lifehack For You 

Bitcoin miners, you’re getting squeaky clean sats. It feels great, I know. But then you gotta pay some bills because this is the real world.

Electricity, food, heck even steaks and groceries.

They all cost precious, precious sats.

But that’s life. We’re lowering our time-preference and stacking for the future, while at the same time we have to enjoy our precious time here on Earth doing what we love with the people surrounding us. It’s a delicate balance.

Philosophy aside, you gotta spend some sats at some point. What do you do?

Well, we got two options for you. Basically three.

You can use two services to pay for utility bills, assets, office and hardware supplies etc. There is no KYC required so your virgin non-KYC sats can be converted into giftcards and VISA cards and never get KYC in the process.

  • The first and long-standing option is Bitrefill. You might have heard of it. The benefit is that they cover many, many stores and many, many countries in the world. Even in Greece, I use them to refill my phone card with lightning. Join here to earn $5 upon signup and 1% satsback.
  • The second option, which includes VISA cards is The Bitcoin Company. A bit newer to the bitcoin scene but they’re growing every day and making new stores available all the time. Mostly focused in the US for now but download the app and check out what’s available for you. For me, I love that I can use the VISA card to buy anything I like. They give me up to 2.5% sats back and a lot more on gift cards. All that without KYC. Bonkers, I know. Sign up here to get a bonus 1000 sats.

And the third option, is to trade some of those sweet non-KYC sats you’ve mined with other plebs for fiat. Peer-to-peer. The option I suggest is Peach Bitcoin. Make sure you use the referral code LOVEISBITCOIN to get extra points which you can redeem for fee discounts and other stuff in the app.

Miners, big or small, idealistic or professional, the problem remains and the solution is to use these wonderful options to stay afloat.

Log in by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this page and leave a comment if you’ve managed to use these services for your expenses.

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