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Bitcoin Art

Bitcoin Will Never Rug You. Or Will It? 

Pledditor on twitter wrote:

Cool artsy idea I saw on /r/bitcoin! Guy doesn’t explain how he did it, but I’d assume:

  • Buy an orange and white rug
  • Stencil a circle out of the orange rug, cut it
  • Stencil & cut ₿ out of white
  • Stencil & cut an outline in orange
  • Sew the ₿ in the hole you cut in the orange

Important to note, you probably going to need to come up with a technique to prevent the rug from fraying after cutting. There are a few ideas, like using hot glue.

Also, gluing a non-slip surface at the bottom to the rug will prevent any bitcoin rug-pulls accidents 😂😂

Actually, it appears he made the rug from scratch using the tufting technique, which will probably yield infinitely better results than the above method.

He sells them for 250 a piece. Here are his socials if you are interested:

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