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Bitcoiners Don’t Get Lottery Tickets, They Solo With Nerdminer

Bitcoiners Don’t Get Lottery Tickets, They Solo With Nerdminer 

The nerdminer is a craze among, well, nerds. It’s such a tiny little miner but it works as intended, securing the network and sending hashes to the bitcoin protocol. Not many, mind you, but the chance to earn a full block reward is there and it is real.

“The NerdMiner is a fun lottery miner open source project which was developed by BitMaker. Choose between enclosure only, a DIY Kit containing everything you need for the build, or a preassembled and ready to go NerdMiner.  A part of profit will got to BitMaker to support future projects.”

Get your own kit from GoBrrr, our partner 3D printer shop. There are many choices available (DIY, Preassembled, case colours) and the anon running the shop can help you out with any questions.

Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 5% off.

Another option might be to get a Blockstream Jade and run the solo miner firmware, it is slightly more powerful in hashes but still in the negligible weight class.

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