Blockstream Is Doing Zapvertising and It Is Working Seriously Well

I had a hunch that zapvertising might work well. Walker wrote about it here

We tried it with Libby on nostr, she zapped the hell out of some coupons and deals. People liked it, commented about it, created a buzz. Instead of the intrusive ad model we’re used to online, nostr gathers no data on you, and zaps are welcomed by people because, well, they are real money. 21 sats, 69 sats, doesn’t matter, the recipient seems happy to get zapvertised.

But until know I wasn’t sure that model worked. Well, enter blockstream, a big, well-known brand with plenty of ad budget to throw around.

We may be the first to do #zapvertising on Nostr, but we’ll certainly not be the last. #Nostr represents the future of decentralized social networks, and we love being part of its history. Keep the memes flowing! npub1jg552aulj07skd6e7y2hu0vl5g8nl5jvfw8jhn6jpjk0vjd0waksvl6n8n


It’s working. People are talking about it, and some have even mentioned that they were convinced to buy a Blockstream Jade because of the zapping.

The important thing is that zapvertizing and nostr in general is creating a shift in what we think the internet is supposed to be. Adding value, flipping the ad model on its head, owning your audience. I had a talk about this in our latest Athens Bitdevs and yeah, I agree nostr relays are not sustainable and we’ll see a lot of centralization. In the end, Google and Microsoft is gonna run the biggest relay and we’ll all connect to it. But we’ll still own our keys and our accounts and they’ll have to offer an amazing service to keep us there, or we’ll just swap services in a second.

That changes things.

What do you think? Planning on trying zapvertising?

We can do it for you if you want, we have gotten some experience on this. Check out our sponsors page for your company and order it from us.

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