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Sexy Poems For Bitcoin

Leigh Cuen offered some of her love poems for bitcoin and we couldn’t refuse. After sliding into her DMs at her request, we bought 2 naughty poems and paid over lightning to her Strike wallet. Here they are: Email from Rumi Come to my side, I will open the gate. We have always been connected. Unlock me with your tongue. […]

Bitcoin Girl Pinup

Art is the ultimate expression of love. I decided to commission a bitcoin girl pinup from Philtomato, an artist friend of mine with a wonderful style. Here it is: I think it came out wonderful. I call her Chomp. You’ll find him on all platforms as Philtomato, except on twitter as @otagoth.

Who Are The Bitcoiners

Some articles by Tomer Strolight about the bitcoiner ethos: I have written several stories that attempt to describe bitcoiners, not Bitcoin itself. 1. Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity My most read article to date. It explains the issue of why bitcoiners seem hostile towards people suggesting they can ‘fix’ Bitcoin. 2. Rich or Poor, Bitcoiners Have […]

Do Not Use Your Bitcoin Wallet’s Password to Sign Up on Love is Bitcoin

This goes without saying but let’s say it anyway: Don’t reuse your Bitcoin wallet’s password on some website. Especially one that basically doxxes everyone involved. Love is Bitcoin is a low security website. Your password is not safe. Yes we have encrypted databases and everything but we’re nowhere near the level of skill that some malicious bitcoin hackers can have. […]