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Breaking: Mystery Psychopath Buys Man Coffee With Magic Internet Money (And Does the Same Again for Ice Cream)
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Breaking: Mystery Psychopath Buys Man Coffee With Magic Internet Money (And Does the Same Again for Ice Cream) 

Bitcoiner on twitter @jabf2006 did this weird thing the other day.

I did something odd this morning – I bought a coffee for a complete stranger in Gibraltar (Spain). The patron posted on twitter asking if anyone would like to buy him a coffee, with a photo of a Bitcoin Lightning QR code on a payment terminal.

And then did it for an ice cream, with the added time limit of it beginning to melt.

Did the ice cream melt before someone paid the lightning invoice?

Hey Twitter! Please pay for my ice cream before it melts?

Yes! The amazing thing is that someone else did pay for the ice cream after all. Okay it did melt a little but still.

Welp! How can this be?

Can random strangers on the internet be this kind?

On bitcoin twitter, they can.

Plebs around the world are enjoying using lightning, the layer 2 of bitcoin that offers instant payments across the world. Merchants around the globe are slowly catching on to this opportunity to attract customers and we’re seeing adoption gradually rising.

It’s not the Visa network yet, but in a few years, it will be.

“Can I pay with Bitcoin?” The phrase now echoes around the tiny British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.

Coming soon to a store near you.

Oh, wait. Where can you use lightning to pay for stuff?

Well, you can find one map inside Wallet of Satoshi. Simply navigate to the three dots tab to load up the options and tap “Find Merchants & ATMs.” Tried it in Athens, only shows a couple of spots for now, a coffee shop and a hairdresser. I don’t have any hair left so I’ll just visit the cafe at some point.

Another way is through coincorner. They have an up-to-date page on where to spend bitcoin, available here

Sadly you’ll notice the map is mostly populated in the UK, and not even too much of that as it is. But the team over there is spreading the world one latte or ice cream at a time, and they’re doing good work. And hey, if you want their help to orange-pill your favourite pub get in touch with them on twitter and they’ll be happy to help you out with convincing the merchant and showing them exactly how to accept bitcoin.

Sign up at Coincorner with this link and get some extra sats for free

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