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Hodling Canadian sushi and orange-pilled samurai Mounties 

Congratulations Monex Group and 3iq Digital Asset Management

Congratulations Monex Group and 3iq Digital Asset Management, you have so much in common; Thanks to @riskdimensions You already understand:

– The problem,

– The solution

– The urgency.

International cross-cultural cooperation is vital for us to grow. As cheap money disappears we will see an economy based on the immutable laws of real value, time preference will be much much lower, long term win-win strategies will win and we will build things to last for generations. There will be an incentive to save and spend only on what is good for everybody in the long term. It will take time for these incentives to start to play out.

(See ‘untalkative bunny’, Canadian rabbit meets Pikachu, Japanese Pokémon star, who though he is not strictly a rabbit, he is a ‘pika’, in the same family (Lagomorphs).

In the interests of diplomacy and solving the big problems, we overlook tiny differences and focus efforts on the large areas of agreement and focus upon the impact we can have in the wider world. It is wonderful to see such a powerful alliance taking place.

We all watch with interest and we bow to you @okimatsumoto


 Rabbits seeking sponsorship. A reasonable price to a good home.

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