Celebrate Every Bank Failure With the “Be Your Own Bank” Toy Truck by Cryptograffiti

Remember the epic trolling by Cryptograffiti when he parked the truck in front of the failing bank and it got on every news channel covering the story? https://loveisbitcoin.com/bitcoin-truck-makes-the-news-while-silicon-valley-bank-is-getting-bailed-out/

Well, that was epic. Or was it art?

Cryptograffiti certainly blends the two really well.

Now you can get a little toy truck made from the vinyl from the big trucks.

They’re already uniquely imperfect b/c the vinyl was repurposed from the big trucks 🙂



Where can you get the trucks? Follow Cryptograffiti on twitter to learn the details.

Limited-edition of 21 BE YOUR OWN BANK trucks w/

@Coinkite‘s SATSCHIP verifying authenticity/proof of ownership The art adorning these minis was printed on remnants of the actual vinyl used on the campaign trucks Auctioning next week @thebitcoinconf @scarcedotcity


I can’t wait to see people using the toy trucks for forced perspective photos for every upcoming bank failure. Don’t you?

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