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Check Yo Financial Privilege
Bitcoin Ethos

Check Yo Financial Privilege 

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Most of the arguments people have against bitcoin stem from a simple fact: Their financial privilege allows them to dismiss it. They have never been unbanked, they always have an array of options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Amazon, credit cards and so many others.

Their country’s currency has never been debased or hyperinflated, and they had never had funds seized or accounts frozen because of activism that goes against the establishment.

It can all be summed up as Financial Privilege, and you should all read this perfect article by Gladstein.

There’s also a book but I haven’t read it yet.

In my own guide, How to Orange Pill People which will be available very soon, I outline some common objections people have to bitcoin and how to answer every single one of them. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is to remember the person’s financial privilege. Because people from countries with inflation get it. War torn refugees get it. Unbanked people get it, immediately, at the snap of your fingers. Sure, they might not become bitcoiners and they might be swayed by other shitcoin siren calls, but they don’t object to why we need these things in the first place. Financially privileged people do.

Read some of the guide here and keep an eye out for the released book.

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