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Christmas Bonus – The Dilemma Continued… 

I found a place where the tunnel splits into at least three directions.

@adam3us has been engaging on this issue just recently.

I need to make a decision on this very soon.

Ideally to have a simple soft launch on Jan3. Which tunnel to follow?

1). The `NEVER inscriptions maxis´. I can not please them anyway. But I doubt they’d support culture and content so it doesn’t matter.

2). The `no ordinals, but L2 inscriptions are OK´ guys. More reasonable, still ethical but also pragmatic. This tunnel then splits again into `Liquid purists´ that allow smart contract functionality without a second token, just a 1-1 peg with Bitcoin vs secondary token L2s like @Stacks that have VCs, vesting schedules and so on.

3). The `Lets fill up Bitcoin mainchain with meaningless guff ordinals, not because its important information or even valuable, but to just troll the maxis and get attention´- tribe. Not my bag.

What would @lopp say? Not too sure, but I bet he is not in 3. Input from the master would be welcome at this time. (`Help me Obi wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope´).

The Liquid guys have a more ethical stance with the 1-1 peg etc but the Liquid NFT platform `

@Raretoshi is full of bugs and babies need to eat now! So its an ideal solution that is not yet functioning, possibly BECAUSE there is no VC investment therefore not much incentive? (I speculate). Meanwhile, there is nothing like a VC structure and a promise of a quick buck around a centralised coin to push a project forward and @trygamma have a much more advanced and practical platform that works. Stacks also has AI integration capability among others.

@wswarm has given his blessing and I will meet @eliherf1 to discuss this in the coming days. Hopefully @vazertuche will give his blessing too.


So right now, I have two objectives:

A). Assist Raretoshi in attracting investment in the mid-long term. (I have an idea for this…watch this space).

B). In the meantime, to get sustainable as an adoption content project as fast as possible, use

@Stacks. In this way I can secure my ability to contribute to adoption in the long term and so hopefully my friends at @JAN3com will understand. I will get back to Raretoshi and @adamsoltys with another project when the platform is running better.

If a great sponsor came along to help me stay out of this and stay neutral on this issue, I would definitely go for it: @3iq_corp @OnrampBitcoin @Swan (DMs open!)

#Pompscryptoacademy what have you got me into?!

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