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Couldn’t Make it to the Santorini Halving Party? No Worries, There is a Second Best Experience With the Livestream 

I just got back home after an amazing weekend at the Santorini Halving Party. I still can’t quite believe it happened and that it went so well.

It’s a shame if you couldn’t make it.

Here are the unedited livestreams to get a taste of the experience we’ve all had.

The videos are going to come out soon, until then, this will do.

Testing the Livestream with Mir Liponi, Giacomo Zucco and Marco Costanza

First half of the talks, the Morning of Santorini Halving Party

Second Half of the Talks, the Afternoon of Santorini Halving Party

And here’s a taste of the activities we’ve had.

Halving Highballs, A Mixology Masterclass for Bitcoiners

By Leslie D Cunha, a bitcoiner running Apothekeria

Bitcoin Chocolate Rocks Workshop by Roger 9000

And finally a taste of the live performance by Roger 9000

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