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Did You Know There Are 3 Ways to Buy Your New iPhone and MacBook With Bitcoin? 

Personally I’m not much of an Apple user, but I do know that many people are. And many of those people are bitcoiners, which is a good chance this includes you since you’re reading this article.

Many people don’t know this, which is incredible to me, but you can buy anything right now with bitcoin. Groceries, electronics, steak.

Your best option is directly through the Apple store using giftcards. Just load up those giftcards, earn sats back, and you’re good to go.

There are two options for your giftcards, Bitrefill and The Bitcoin Company.

Both are equally good, Bitrefill has been in the space longer and might have a larger selection in more countries. Sign up here to earn a bonus $5 and search for Apple giftcards.

The Bitcoin Company is newer, only accepts bitcoin and manages to have special offers in large satsback percentages every now and then. Just sign up here to earn a bonus 1000 sats and the app will let you know about the special deals, it is so easy to use

The third and possibly the best option is Shopinbit. It’s a store that includes hundreds of thousands of products, including electronics and Apple devices. You can get the latest stuff with bitcoin while preserving your anonymity as well, since they wipe their customer records after a certain period of time. Click here and visit Shopinbit for your shopping therapy

What do you think? Would you ever buy Apple electronics with bitcoin?

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