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Do Bitcoiners Actually Use Bitcoin to Buy Their Tickets to BTCPrague? The Answer is:
Bitcoin Events

Do Bitcoiners Actually Use Bitcoin to Buy Their Tickets to BTCPrague? The Answer is: 

The biggest bitcoin event in Europe. June 8 10, 2023. PVA Expo Prague

An excellent question indeed. Do bitcoiners put their hard money where their mouth is?

The answer is a resounding yes!

BTCPrague posted this on their twitter, proving that a huge percentage of attendees have already bought their tickets with on-chain or lightning.

Do you want to go to BTC Prague, the event full of massive bitcoin signal? Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN during checkout to get a discount of 10%. Get a further 5% discount if you pay with bitcoin. Would you look at that? Incentives do work after all.

Why should you go to BTCPrague?

Well, the speaker lineup is impressive.

Adam Back. Mentioned by name in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
Samantha de Waal, the youngest bitcoin speaker ever?
And this random guy, whoever he is.

But most importantly, Why even visit Czechia and Prague?

Castles, medieval streets. Wonderful modern architecture in the opposite direction. And great beer for a wonderful pub experience.

Beer bought with lightning just tastes better.

Prague seems to be a significant hub for bitcoin. Trezor, which we love, is from there. And so is Braiins, the renamed Slush pool, which again, I do use.

What else?

There are tens of workshops, satellite events, even a Nostr event.

And did I mention it’s bitcoin only? No shitcoins at all.

Check out their website for up to date info, plus hotel accommodations (soon). Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN and pay with bitcoin during checkout for a whopping 15% discount. And most importantly, have fun not staying poor.

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