I was asked to give some comments and thoughts about the upcoming release of the Orange Pill app. And some more about Love is Bitcoin, so here it is:

Yes, to be honest it hasn’t been that successful so far. We’re building for the future so it will probably take off soon. We haven’t had any successful love stories yet. I think it will take a lot more mainstream bitcoin adoption and a couple of bull markets to actually make an impact.

I believe bitcoiners need a dating service because I quickly realised myself that I couldn’t have a woman beside me that clung to fiat spending habits. I was lucky to have thrifty girlfriends in the past and ironically I was the one spending the most. Money is a very important part of a household, and issues can and do arise if time-preferences diverge a lot. Part of the orange-pilling process makes you see through the marketing and the propaganda to distinguish what is truly valuable: Experiences, family, friendships. A spouse of either sex caving in to peer pressure and demanding a fancy car and a house to keep up with the Joneses will quickly wear down any good relationship that doesn’t have its priorities aligned. I’ve even seen children demanding for expensive fiat stuff because they feel poorer than their friends and if both parents aren’t in sync it can snowball from there.

As for the app, I’ve spoken to the Orange Pill app. They seem like great people and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with and how people will respond. Heck, I’ll join myself and make a profile. I wish them the best.

Personally I decided against building an app which is the obvious choice in this. I feel like a bitcoin dating app is just another Tinder clone in a sea of millions. Instead I’m trying to build a community that shares great examples from bitcoin people, builders, farmers, inventors, family men, women, teachers, educators, you name it.

On the security side of things, I think it’s a bad practice to let bitcoiners get used to sharing their live location in a bitcoin dating app. On Love is Bitcoin we warn people of the dangers of online dating and disclosing the fact that you own bitcoin. We tell people to treat the site as not secure and use throwaway passwords (we’ll implement lnauth soon) and there are constant personal security reminders even in the form of just $5 wrench attack memes.

Love is Bitcoin is made by me, George, and the twitter account is run by an anonymous cute little psychopath that goes by Libby. She and I come up with memes and whip up the community depending on what drama happens to do the rounds, while also sharing fine examples of humanity as I mentioned above. Follow us at @loveisbitcoin21 and see for yourself. And sign up at loveisbitcoin.com because there’s a lot more to see.


George Saoulidis

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