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Dust Off Your Gameboy Color and Get Ready to be Punched Right in the Nostalgia With Hero of Bitcoin 

It’s here. After almost 2 years of development, this project made with love by a bitcoiner is finally ready to ship.

Watch the blood-pumping trailer and feel the 8-bit nostalgia.

Watch the gameplay demo

Hero of Bitcoin features guest stars like:

  • Michael Saylor
  • Excellion (Samson Mow)
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Max Keiser
  • Bukele
  • And more! Discover them in the game.

Support it on geyserfund now and get your copy from out of only 210 collectible Gameboy cartridges.

It comes with:

  • Hero of Bitcoin Cart with dust protector
  • Color Instruction booklet
  • Box with insert & protector

Go get your preorder copy and make sure you write LOVEISBITCOIN on the thank you text so we know you’re sharing the love

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