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Earning Yield on Your Bitcoin is a Scam, Right? Not Always, Here’s 5 Ways to do it 

We all know the trap of earning yield on your bitcoin, and many have been burned with FTX, Celsius and so on.

But it seems there are ways to earn yield without relinquishing control of your keys.

Tony Cai of Atomic Finance posted these 5 options on twitter:

Earning a yield on your Bitcoin now has an terrible rap. Rightfully so, after what happened last year with BlockFi and Celsius. But most people don’t know that there’s NON-CUSTODIAL alternatives. Here’s 5 (non-custodial) methods to start earning a “yield” on your BTC ↓

Before we start, a quick pre-amble:

1. Bitcoin has no inherent risk-free rate of return.

2. So each yield opportunity involves taking on some form of risk.

3. Do your own research before you start!

Now that’s out of the way… let’s get started!

#1: Earn with @joinmarket.

Your BTC can be active and useful!

• Offer coinjoin liquidity

• Help improve privacy on the BTC network

• Collect market maker fees (0.5 – 1% APY)

It’s low risk, but… it’s quite a complex process to set up, and requires you to run a full node.

#2: Lending through @sovrynBTC.

Sovryn sits on top of the RSK sidechain

• Convert BTC to R-BTC

• Lend out your BTC

• Collect the returns (0.65% APY)

Tradeoff is: RSK smart contracts can come with smart contract risks (like on ETH), and you need to convert BTC to R-BTC.

#3: Being a Lightning Network routing node.

• Set up Lightning node. You can use @umbrel or @start9labs. (You can get your own sovereign server with the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 9% off at

• Lock Bitcoin in channels

• Charge fees for routing payments through those channels.

Power the Lightning Network’s payment flow and catch the stream of micro-earnings.

#4: Leasing liquidity to Lightning Network 

• Set up Lightning node.

• Lease out your channel liquidity using @lightning Pool or @Ambosstech

• Get paid a fee (3.4% APY average)

Offer your channel’s capacity and capitalize on the demand.

#5: Earning through @AtomicFinance

An automated & passive way to earn using covered calls.

• Download the app

• Pick a strategy with your desired risk profile.

• Watch the strategy do its work (~7% APY)

Everything happens natively on Bitcoin – no need for wrapping.

Bitcoin DeFi’s potential is vast. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned BTC holder, there’s always a way to optimize and put your sats to work – WHILE holding your keys.

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