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Ever Heard of Silk Road? Revealing the Shocking Story of the Mastermind Trapped Behind Bars and the Auction Meant to Help His Cause 

Ross is condemned to die in prison for creating an anonymous e-commerce website called Silk Road. An entrepreneur passionate about free markets and privacy, he was 26 when he made the site. He was never prosecuted for causing harm or bodily injury and no victim was named at trial

Proof of Work.

I talk about the print and the FreeRoss cause.

This October he will have served his 10th year in prison. • The first auction of 5 of the 21 originals will take place next week (19/09) and will be held by Scarce City. 90% of the proceeds will go to #FreeRoss

21 original screenprints

Hand printed on paper


💥 19.09
💥 #02/21 , #03/21 , #04/21 , #05/21 , #06/21
💥 90% of the proceeds will be donated to

Inspired by Ross Ulbricht’s story and his absolutely unfair, insane sentence, this artwork seeks to contribute to his cause.

Bid on the auction here

Some more photo details:

Bid on the auction here

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