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Expect the Unexpected: A Story in Which Sound Money Meets Films 

Videos, movies, and films are all captivating media that not only entertain but also educate and raise awareness. They can inspire while also teaching us valuable lessons, but a lot depends on what, where, and why we choose to watch them. The impact that technology has had on the film industry is huge to say the very least. From special effects to streaming, it’s mind-boggling to consider how far the industry has come and the potential for the future as the technological landscape continues to evolve.

In this brief article, I will discuss some new and exciting things that are being created. Surprisingly, it will not be anything technological; instead, I will take you on a tour into the world of Bitcoin Cinema. Yes, you read that correctly! There is already an ecosystem being built around sound money and films.

Good₿ye to Cinema as We Know It

As Bitcoiners, we see reality clearly and stride confidently into the future with sharp minds. We do not wear the rose-colored glasses of ignorance like many others. Instead, we focus on making a better tomorrow our reality. We build, create, test, plan, and engage in many discussions to bring about positive change.

With this in mind, let us explore a new and exciting concept: the intersection of Bitcoin and cinema. Let’s call it ‘Binema’, a term that I hope will soon become a part of our everyday lives. I truly believe that combining the power of these two worlds, Bitcoin and cinema, could unlock endless possibilities and to take the entire film industry to new heights.

Ready to take a leap? But first, let’s find out what was and still is.

In order to give you a taste of what’s cooking in the ‘Binema’ kitchen, or rather, so to speak, invite you straight to the big screen, I highly recommend watching these films if you haven’t had the chance to yet. All of them were featured at the BFF’23 (Bitcoin Film Festival 2023), which I will discuss shortly right in a moment. For now, let’s take a look at some existing Bitcoin-themed films you shouldn’t miss.

I’ve got one more title in mind, and it’s got a special BFF vibe. But hold on, I’ll spill the beans on that a just few lines down. Now, let’s get through a few important points about the project, without which, many Bitcoin-themed films would likely face significant challenges along the way.

Bitcoin FilmFest (aka BFF). How it Started…

Allow me to jump ahead and skip the very beginning to keep this content within a reasonable length, getting directly into the heartbeat of independent cinema. Bitcoin FilmFest , a helpful hand and a platform for many the titles listed above, below, or really any Bitcoin films you may have seen so far.

The project that despite having a small (but a very creative) team, operates with impressive efficiency and consistently progresses forward. A unique space that I admire privately and have the pleasure of supporting professionally with my work. The one that already made a decent number of fans and friends but also has become a valued friend to many other bitcoin projects.

Let’s have a brief overview of its history and significance not only for the Bitcoin ecosystem but for the film industry as a whole.

Bitcoin FilmFest: The Heart of Bitcoin Cinema

BFF is a Poland-based, Bitcoin-Only project founded by two interesting individuals – Tomek (long-term hodler, activist and freedom fighter) – or self-described “Electronic gypsy. Obsessed about the future” and Pierre (a journalist, screenwriter, director, and film producer) a “full-time Bitcoiner”, as he sometimes calls himself.

BFF’s debut kicked off with hosting the world’s first large-scale Bitcoin film festival in Warsaw, Poland in March 2023. If you missed it then, BFF 2024 is back in April 2024, coupled the European Halving Party, this is definitely an event (link) you don’t want to miss!

That said, Bitcoin FilmFest is more than just an event. It has expanded its mission to become a platform that connects filmmakers, producers, investors, and cinema fans. It entertains and educates while contributing to the growth of the independent film industry.

Don’t Trust, Verify…

If you would like to experience the essence of this space in person earlier than April 2024, consider visiting Plan ₿ Forum in October this year. And “why” you may wonder, what does it have to do with films? Well, the answer is simple.

This year, Bitcoin FilmFest is partnering with Lugano’s Plan ₿ (link) to create a unique blend of education, culture and art through the immersive experience of the big screen. 


  • By the way, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, here’s a 10% discount code: FILMFESTPLANB.

Secure your seat by using it at the event’s official website:, and hope to see you in Lugano.

What to expect:

During the two main days (Oct 20-21), you will enjoy free access to the Bitcoin Cinema Room. This complimentary space brings an awesome opportunity to watch some exclusive Bitcoin video content, engage with creators and filmmakers, and finally to discover the possibilities of the new artistic space centered around freedom cinema and independent films.

However, it is not the only thing…

Plan ₿ Forum has also expanded its program to include Sunday, October 22nd, which will be entirely dedicated to the Bitcoin film industry. Alongside all the screenings, presentations, panels, and talks, this additional day offers some true hidden gems.

Here are some titles to give you a taste of what’s to come:

There will be two world premieres (sorry I won’t give you their titles, I don’t want to ruin the surprise). But I can already tell you now that one explores the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador, while the other highlights the recent elections in Guatemala, which successfully used bitcoin timestamping to detect fraud attempts in the process. 

Following those, you can also expect several engaging shorts, like “Stranded: A Dirty Coin Short” ( by Alana Mediavilla which recently had its theatrical premiere in Los Angeles, and has already won the award for the Best Mini Movie Documentary. It is really something that despite its concise 17-minute duration may surprise many of you. Its plot successfully dispels many myths about Bitcoin mining while showing some interesting solutions for harnessing and reclaiming wasted energy.

And of course, let’s not forget about the trailers.

One of them is “Bitcoin Executor”, the first-ever Bitcoin-themed feature film that has just finished shooting. I’ve been following this project for some time now, their film will be epic!


“Fight for the American Dollar” by Pierre Corbin is another interesting trailer to keep an eye out for.  As I mentioned earlier, Pierre is one of the master-brains behind BFF, but above all he is… Well… Let me put it this way: a creative soul with a sober mind. If you haven’t seen his first film yet, “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” , the time is now (it is one of the most-watched Bitcoin documentaries for good reason). With his latest project, Pierre once again offers ambitious content, getting into the relationships between the developed and developing world, as well as the role of global monetary institutions in these relations. Well, such a topic already promises a lot. 


And turning back to this year’s Plan ₿ Forum…

If you’re interested in exploring the world of Bitcoin-themed films beyond only documentaries, there’s plenty to dive into. You can enjoy well-crafted parodies by The Crypto Couple (, new cartoons from Bitcoin and Friends (, and dynamic animations by The Anatomy of Bitcoin ( and Richard Reel (

And if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, just imagine a series of presentations, live interviews, and open discussions with the creators of the presented films. Get ready for an immersive experience that goes beyond just watching the films. So called “Rabitchats” with Christian Lowenthal, Elodie Jallet or Joe Nakamoto are just a taste of what we can expect.

But I don’t want to spoil too much… You will probably find more details on socials, following both Bitcoin FilmFest ( and the Plan  Forum ( anyway. The purpose of this excerpt was just to give you a taste of what is already happening within Bitcoin Cinema.

And why is it that so important? Well, cinema holds immense power in conveying messages, making “sound movies” synonymous with meaningful storytelling.

Last but not least, let’s show our support to Bitcoin and all amazing people already working around freedom and Bitcoin-themed films. I’m certain that the creators will greatly appreciate your feedback and overall interest in their work.

Moreover, just think… How many times do you find yourself pissed at the corrupt nature of Hollywood productions or constantly revisiting older films that lack the manipulated ideologies of our current reality?

It does not have to be the case.

Bitcoin deserves high-quality films and decent events!


Şelale Malkoçoğlu (Follow me at

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