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Is this the IRS?


Are there going to be just guys in here?

Depends on the people, but not necessarily. There are more women in the space than you might think. Be nice and polite and you might get to meet one.

Why are you asking for a lightning payment?

To filter out non-bitcoiners. The amount is negligible, and it’s already working as expected. We’ve fished out some “traders” and “crypto experts” already.

How do I know I’m talking to a real person?

You don’t. In fact, there’s a high probability of getting catfished from either sex. Read this guide https://loveisbitcoin.com/how-to-stay-safe-at-bitcoin-conventions-hackathons-and-blind-dates/

Do I have to put in my real photo and details?

No. Don’t put in anything that you don’t want to be public.

Is this site secure?

No site is secure. Use a different password than the one you have on exchanges and wallets.

Is this bitcoin-only? Are altcoins allowed?

The simple answer is yes, but.

The complex answer is that this is bitcoin-first. Some bitcoin maxis don’t care as long as the conversation is about bitcoin or there’s a nice discord about some cryptocurrency merit or other, whereas other maxis are using the term as an excuse to be actually toxic and rude and are emphatically against any and all altcoins. This is extreme and we don’t care about giving them a platform. They probably wouldn’t make a good life-partner anyway. If someone is being rude you should report them to us with an email at contact@loveisbitcoin.com.

The prerequisite is that you own bitcoin and fulfil the lightning payment. Can you hold altcoins? Sure. Plenty of people do. But the discussion here is for bitcoin. Read the room and use common sense.

As for altcoin promotion, this will simply get you banned.

But my altcoin is so much better/faster/stronger than bitcoin. Can I share it?

No. And HFSP.

Can I use my affiliate link in my profile?

If it’s a bitcoin-related service like Ledger or Swan, sure. Answering some question with an honest product/service suggestion and an affiliate link is allowed. Don’t spam, use common sense and we’ll allow it.

How do I use lightning?

It’s easy, just download a lightning wallet like Breez or Blue Wallet and load it with some bitcoin. Then you just scan the lightning invoice’s QR code or simply copy-paste the invoice code. Ask for help on bitcoin twitter, there will be hundreds of people willing to help you out, might even send you an initial amount of sats to get started.

Can I get a refund on my 21 sats?


Where can I learn more about bitcoin?

We have a personal finance/education site at kroisos.io.

Can I date Libby?

She’s not real.