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From Geek to Greek: Fuel My Running Adventure!
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From Geek to Greek: Fuel My Running Adventure! 

Calling all fitness-loving bitcoin & tech geeks and entrepreneurs! 🏃‍♂️💻

Help me take my passion for running to the next level. I’m already fit, thanks to endless hours behind the screen, customer persuasion talks, and translating business needs to features and technology, but now I need your support to upgrade my running gear!

I have registered to run at Olympus Marathon, the route eagle’s path This is a scenic mountain trail 14 km route. From now until June 24th I will be posting a picture of my day’s training and a short description (All under the hashtag #fitinblockchain). If you enjoy my style, zap me to equip me with top-notch running essentials at

Let’s swap VPN subscriptions for running shoes, trade hardware wallets for sweat-wicking gear, and power up with gadgets that make my runs even more epic.

I’m @annipan2310 on social media. Follow my running adventure.

Entrepreneurial Geeks unite to show the world that we’re not just pleb warriors, but also unstoppable runners. With your contributions, we’ll redefine the limits of technology and fitness, one stride at a time.

Ready to join the race? Click that donate button and be a part of this geeky running revolution.

Remember, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between flexing your muscles and flexing your tech affinity. Embrace the geeky gains and AI-mazing progress along the way!

Thank you for fueling my blockchain-driven fitness adventure!

Follow my running adventure on Twitter: and on Instagram

Zap me at or if you prefer fiat at Revolut

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