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From No-Coiner to Winning 320k Sats in Less Than One Hour, This Young Man Had a Wild Orange-Pill Experience 

This young man in the white sweater visited the Santorini Halving Party as a nocoiner, simply coming along with his best friend who was giving a talk.

Then he played the Chainduel game, a lightning game that is as simple as it is competitive.

The premise is like an old arcade classic: You control the little snake, you try to eat the dot, your snake gets bigger.

Now this is where it gets interesting!

Your opponent is also trying to eat the dot. And if you hit them or the walls of the gaming arena, you lose health which is measured in sats and you go back to being a tiny little snake.

It is ridiculously simple but has such depth to it that it’s simply amazing.

Players big and small, from 5-year-olds to teenagers to adults, they all played casually to learn the game and then it all culminated in a big tournament with a serious amount of sats as a prize, 320.000 to be exact. At the time of writing this the prize is 182 euro in fiat, nothing to scoff at.

The winner had to be spotted the sats to even take part in the game and came away with the grand prize.

Here’s Florencia, your beloved Libby, playing Chainduel at Bitcoin Atlantis

The chainduel game keeps evolving and getting even better. You can find it at the best bitcoin conferences around the world, and join the community on X/Twitter and on the site

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