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From the Heart of Bitcoin and Cinema 

Written by Sean ∞/21m: a cinephile, bookworm & recently, a member of the BFF team.

bitcoin cinema

The world’s first decentralized money is making a shift towards real world ethics, encouraging a fair assessment of truths based on personal experience, rather than relying on subjective central decisions. This also allows to better understand the world around us. With that in mind, in this article we will take a look at how independent cinema has the potential to uncover those prioritizing personal and financial gains, exposing hidden consequences in the process, via a host of extraordinary ‘festivals’.

Bitcoin FilmFest (aka BFF) is a project that made its debut in March 2023 by running the world’s first large-scale Bitcoin film festival. The event took place in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Its success led to various roadshows (aka ‘mini editions’) that brought a unique cinema-themed program to well-known conferences: LibertyCon Portugal, Lugano Plan ₿, Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador and just recently in Cape Town.

While this article primarily delves into the unique cinematic experience hosted by Bitcoin FilmFest, it’s crucial to recognize that this project extends beyond being a series of events. It serves as a dynamic cinema hub and a vibrant networking platform, connecting filmmakers, creators, producers and cinema fans alike. To get regular insights and updates on upcoming films, just follow them on socials: LinkedIn, Nostr and X.

Sound Money and Films. How Does It Work?

Beyond screenings, panels and open discussions, BFF (Bitcoin FilmFest) stands as a central point for cinema lovers and Bitcoin aficionados to converge, engage, and explore the intersection of sound money and films. Whether through shorter and longer readings (including ‘BFF originals’) or dynamic online feed, Bitcoin FilmFest has already captivated audiences with its monthly newsletter, several social channels, like those mentioned above, and, to the best of my knowledge, ambitious future expansion plans.

The thought-provoking ‘Binema’ selections don’t just premiere on screens; they come to life through exclusive presentations that tells you deep behind-the-scenes stories as well. It’s not just any space to be watched, but one that must be experienced. While it’s still relatively new, it has already made a significant impact on independent cinema. It’s the space to be consumed, cheered for, and certainly not to be missed!

And by now you are probably thinking … What on earth is ‘Binema’? 

It’s essentially just the words Bitcoin and Cinema acting as one, although for an in-depth look into what really defines Binema, stay tuned to my content. There will be a separate article on this subject soon…

BFF23 in Review

In March 2023, a dynamic three-day celebration took place at the Kinoteka Cinema and the Palladium Theatre, both belonging to the same iconic building of Warsaw, called the Palace of Culture and Science, which by the way will always be the venue for the main edition of the Bitcoin film festival.

Organizers curated a range of interesting activities, including hand-picked Bitcoin-themed films, engaging panels, workshops, Q&A sessions, and more.

mixed images form bff events

Emphasizing the intersection of Bitcoin, art, culture, and film, the Palace of Culture and Science provided an iconic backdrop to the event.

Included in the line-up were eight films, such as for example: several shorts and trailers that explored the history, development, and future of sound money, as well as THE BITCOIN FARMER (2023, by Jackson Dumont), a world premiere about an Irish dairy farmer who has found an unusual way to make use of the excess energy produced on his land. Quite an unusual topic. You can read more about it here.

One of the highlights of last year’s event, in true film festival fashion, was the chance to vote and give awards for the best films. Remi Forte with his film THE SATOSHI MYSTERY won the hearts of the audience and received an intriguing statuette referring to Satoshi Nakamoto. 

There is certainly more information available online. In fact, several podcasts and numerous publications, but these two, Cointelegraph and H17N Bitcoin should be enough to give you some taste.

Besides the main edition in Warsaw, BFF joined several conferences, as mentioned before, in the form of a ‘roadshow’. These mini-editions also included film screenings, although in a shorter format than the one in Poland, as well as dynamic parts such as presentations, debates, and so on. If you’re curious about their programs, check out Bitcoin Filmfest’s posts from recent events like Adopting Bitcoin Salvador and Cape Town (links). For more details about the mini-fest in Lugano, which actually made the most extensive guest event by BFF, simply read this article on Bitcoin News. 

What’s Next? … BFF24 of Course!

After a successful 2023, BFF is ready for one of the most significant Bitcoin moments of this year, already preparing for the largest gathering of European plebs.

On April 19-21, Bitcoin FilmFest is organizing the second main edition of its festival (BFF24), which this year will take place together with European Halving Party, run by Bitcoin FilmFest and Frens. This unique combination of two events in one aims to attract not only cinema fans and independent creators, but also many European communities. All are invited to come together and celebrate the intersection of art, culture, and film, as well as the fourth Bitcoin halving.

If marking reduced Bitcoin blocks isn’t sufficient enough, you can smoothly delve into some independent cinema instead. Picture this… Half-party, half-conference, half-filmfest.

But what do these two events have exactly in store for you?

Here you go! Just a few of many points to note down:

  1. Halving Games. Which, similar to the ancient Olympics, could actually usher a new Bitcoin halving tradition, basically just like the Olympics that take place every four years.
  2. Half Marathon. Even if running isn’t your favourite activity, this option should still grab your attention. Not only does it carry the magical number ‘21’, but it also promises to be more than just a typical race from start to finish. I’ll provide more information on this topic in due time.
  3. Silent Disco. This type of party is already intriguing on its own, but the one at European Halving will take it a step further by incorporating an open-source elements and sound money as well. It’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Do you?

Since we’ve already covered the active side of the event, let me still share a few words about its cinematic part as well.

BFF24 brings you a solid line-up of panels and film screenings again, most set to unfold in the rooms of Kinoteka. But that’s not all — get ready for a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience as films take to the smaller screen outdoors. That’s right, there are plans for open-air cinema too! And here’s a special treat: shorter productions will be showcased from none other than the super cool Bitcoin van. You hear me well, La Bitcoineta is coming to town!

I have definitely saved the best until last…

The wait is over as we proudly present the first-ever showing of DIRTY COIN (link) — a documentary film by Alana Mediavilla-Diaz that is currently being finalized and aims to revolutionize the way that “mining” stories are told. It will be BFF24 and Warsaw, where this eagerly anticipated documentary will finally be revealed to the world. And since it’s the world premiere, you definitely won’t want to miss the banquet, either. To mark this special occasion, Alana is adding an exciting side event to the already captivating April program. For more details, read about it here.

Well, there’s so much to share, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the news at once.

Yet, the very last thing to keep in mind!

What sets BFF24 + European Halving Party apart from typical conferences is that the organizers are limiting the number of tickets to just 420. Yes, you heard it right, only 420 places are available. Here’s an interesting detail to add: the Bitcoin FilmFest team is making an interesting bet on this year’s halving (block 8,4000) aligning with a significant date, 4/20. Why? Because when you add 4/20 to the time 4:20, you get 840,000. Hey, there’s another thread related to 4/20. If you know, you know. Let me finish it this way… 😉

Without further ado, take a moment to consider securing your ticket today. Early Birds are still available, both on the event website and through their campaign on Geyser Fund, offering a more affordable option.

Bye for now!

Sean ∞/21m (X: @ItsSeanMc4)

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