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Bitcoin Art

Have Fun Studying Bitcoin 

Bitcoin Trading Cards are making orange pilling much more fun and filled with art and beauty!

Have you heard about this amazing project? It brings Bitcoin education to the physical world in an entertaining way and now features one of my drawings in the latest release:

The choice wasn’t easy. If you follow my work, you might know that there are many options. However, we felt that HOPE would be the perfect one for my ‘origin trading card,’ hoping that many more will come after!

I’m very happy that you can now find ‘Bitcoin is Hope’ in the new ‘Pacific Bitcoin 2023 Whale Box limited edition packs.’

About this new collection: 

Breathe life into your collection with Pacific Bitcoin 2023 Whale Packs. An extremely rare limited edition of 1,210 packs, this exclusive set offers only the most coveted cards. Featuring artwork from top Bitcoin artists, each pack contains 10 cards – nine Series Two common cards, plus one limited-edition foil chase card with rarities of 1/1, 1/9, 1/100, 1/100, 1/250, 1/250, 1/500. Don’t miss the chance for the ultimate collector experience – embrace the artistry of Bitcoin with BTCTC’s scarcest packs.

Find the cards here and use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 5% off : 

🧡 Please tag me if you find it!!!

Keep an eye out for the ultra-rare foil ones. Look at how shiny it is!

Check out all my work at

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