Heartbit’s objective is to interview the most interesting people in bitcoin.

Heartbit is a podcast that showcases the finest people in the bitcoin world. Focusing on the social layer of bitcoin, Eleonora interviews entrepreneurs, artists, and creators that strive to make the world a better place.

Available on Youtube, Fountain, Wavlake and all major podcasting platforms, Heartbit works under a value-for-value model and would love to receive your zaps to keep going! ⚡loveisbitcoin@getalby.com

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Here’s a list of the people behind Heartbit

@EleonoraLaLuna is hosting the podcast.

Follow her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/eleonora.la.luna/

Zap her at ⚡homeceramic53@walletofsatoshi.com

@saoulidisg is the producer.

Zap him at ⚡glowleaf@getalby.com

@AnniPan2310 is the commercial manager for the sponsor deals.

@Loveisbitcoin21 Libby is the social media manager that causes a buzz.

@Koty_Auditore created the music. https://koty.uwu.ai/