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Here’s the Story of How I Became a Bitcoin Miner

Here’s the Story of How I Became a Bitcoin Miner 

On October 19th, 2021 one of my sawyers almost died in a logging accident. It’s still hard to write about. Six months later I sold my land clearing company.

Here’s the story of how I became a Bitcoin Miner, by JP Watts.

My Land Clearing & Excavation side hustle grew to 125k/yr profits. It ate up all my free time, but I loved building it. I had a bad feeling about that October logging job. After 10 days in the woods, we were tired and hurrying to finish. We take a lot of precautions, but one of my sawyers walked into an excavator, and got pinned by the bucket. He broke both legs. We stabilized him, called for a helicopter and carried him out. I’ll never forget watching the trauma team fly overhead. He thought he was going to die in the woods that day.

I was already deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and mining in my garage. That accident made the work unbearable for me. I sold the company to one of my key employees in a SBA 7a deal. I put it all into my mining company. It’s still hard work, but it’s different work.

Some of you will try this same pivot in 2023. Maybe you’re already mining, and some life event gives you a chance to expand. When the time comes, expect to feel overwhelmed (I still do sometimes). When it hits you, reach out and say hi.

Now I help other miners reach their goals through coaching, project management and education. I enjoy distilling information into more efficient frameworks. I love helping somebody “get it” when they’re struggling. DM me with questions, and thank you for reading.

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