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Which Classical Painting is HODLER – Safeguarding the Future, Inspired From? 

This piece, as many like I’ve done before, is also quoting a classical painting.

The Threatened Swan, by Jan Asselijin.

This painting got a reinterpretation in 1800, from a threatened creature to a protector figure.

The swan shifts from its elegant, quiet shape into a fierce, empowered & threatening version of himself. The animal is willing to die defending what is most precious to him, the promise of the future.

In a society where kids are born into debt, becoming aware of this and hodling Bitcoin its in itself an action of revolution. This is part of the reasons that made me want to homage the hodlers…

This piece is auctioned in the @BitcoinAtlantis art exhibition curated by @FractalEncrypt 🧡🎉

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Close up details:

“HODLER – Safeguarding the Future” stands as a testament to Montoya’s innovation and creativity. The captivating artwork has an appropriate amount of Proof of Work, making it a solid choice for any art collector.

Bid on this artwork now

Find more artwork by Flo Montoya at her site

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