How Did the Bitcoin Bikini Come to Life?

The idea came in a flash, nearly fully formed. Bitcoin isn’t a company, so it doesn’t have its own advertising department. Bitcoin needs models to orange pill the masses, because, as the old advertising saying goes, “sex sells.” The sex appeal of beautiful women modeling for Bitcoin would move us further along the technology adoption curve, from the innovators and early adopters to the early and late majority. 

Brifitdance wearing the bitkini.

The next idea came courtesy of a meme posted by Bitcoin Samurai. Bitcoin models should wear Bitcoin bikinis! That’s how a group of three Bitcoin maxis formed Beauty by Bitcoin and created the Bitkini.

Bitkini Bridging the Chasm

Bitcoin Samurai Meme

What is a Bitkini? The flagship product is a string bikini with a QR code pattern that points to your Bitcoin wallet. The idea is that women can wear their Bitkinis, allowing onlookers to tip them with an equipped smart phone by simply scanning the QR code. It’s like a zap in real life!

The sad truth is that not everyone is going to do their own research to learn about Bitcoin. However, a lot of people will learn just enough about Bitcoin to be able to tip a beautiful woman in a Bitkini, thus beginning the orange pill process.

Bitkinis also have the potential of orange pilling the women who want to receive tips with their Bitkini. They will have to learn how to set up and manage a Bitcoin wallet in order to have their Bitkini customized. Then they have to understand it well enough to teach someone else how to scan the QR code on their Bitkini and send them sats—creating self-motivated Bitcoin evangelists!

With their flagship product in mind, Beauty by Bitcoin sought out a manufacturing partner. After weighing multiple options, the decision was made to prioritize a price point that would allow customers to save as many sats as possible—bearing in mind quality, of course. Finally the perfect price point was achieved! $21

After designing a collection of Bitkinis and releasing them for sale on, Beauty by Bitcoin set out to find their first Bitcoin model with the hope that it would become a prestigious position, like being chosen to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel (circa 1990).

Currently, Beauty by Bitcoin is contacting and evaluating potential models, looking for the right brand ambassador for their growing organization. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please DM them on Twitter (@beautybybitcoin) for more information.

Beauty by Bitcoin has also started a Bitkini sponsorship program on Twitter. This allows people to nominate their favorite Twitter personality to receive a Bitkini and their followers and fans can donate to the purchase. Our first nominee is Abigail Joy (@AbigailJoyFloat). You can donate on our Twitter page if you want to see this Bitcoin beauty in a Bitkini!

In addition to their Bitkini sponsorship program, Beauty by Bitcoin also launched a product testing program. Product testers receive a free Bitkini (often in a brand new, yet-to-be released pattern) in exchange for an honest product review. If you are interested in becoming a product tester you can reach out to them on Twitter for a link to the application. If chosen, they would appreciate a shout out if you receive your free Bitkini and love it!

You can help support Beauty by Bitcoin by

  • Purchasing a Bitkini for yourself
  • Gifting a Bitkini
  • Making a donation on their website
  • Applying to be a product tester
  • Donating to the Bitkini sponsorship program
  • Recommending a model
  • Or just giving them a shout out on social media. They would appreciate it!

Beauty by Bitcoin is excited about their growing organization and the future of Bitkini. They can’t wait for the day that beaches are filled with Bitcoin beauties in Bitkinis. They hope you will support them in their mission to orange pill the masses!

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