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How Do You Get a Bitcoin Job When You Can’t Code?
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How Do You Get a Bitcoin Job When You Can’t Code? 

I remember talking to someone on twitter. He said he wanted to quit his job and work on bitcoin full-time. Understandable, and we’ll be seeing more and more of this as years go by.

And then he said he couldn’t code, and he mentioned that he’s a lawyer! A frickin’ lawyer!

I don’t remember my response exactly, but it was something like this:

It’s great that you want to work on bitcoin. But you don’t need to code. Bitcoin is multi-disciplinary. We need all kinds of people, heck we even need singers and artists to bring the message to everyone. A lawyer that understands bitcoin is so needed, imagine every business trying to start accepting and working with bitcoin having their own problems to solve. Don’t try to bring your job into bitcoin, bring bitcoin into your job. Figure out a few legal problems for the rest of us bitcoiners, and there are so many, and you’ll have more work than you can possibly handle.

Twitter user @dont_grow_weary posted something useful about this issue.

One of the most frequent convos I overhear, at conferences, meet ups, etc, is the desire to secure a career w/ a #Bitcoin company. One of the most frequent comments I hear in these convos is, “But I’m not an engineer.” That’s not the only talent needed. Don’t make excuses.

If your attitude doesn’t match your desire, you won’t make it far. Especially, with a #Bitcoin company. It takes time, talent, and PoW to accomplish any dream. Do it!

How are you giving back to the community?

What projects have you contributed to?

What sets you apart?

There is plenty out there. Go get it!





I’d also like to add the job board into this. It overlaps with bitcoinerjobs but you never know. Post your skills and ask for a job. There are many employers right now hiring bitcoin-only people for the proper ethos.

What do you think? Have you found a job yourself and have some tips to share?

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