How Do You Say, “Download Peach Bitcoin Because it Looks Like a Butt 🍑” in Spanish?

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Peach just announced that it’s now available in Spanish! With local fiat payment methods Bizum and Verse!

And Libby had a serious inquiry stemming from that.

People butted in to help out.

How do you say, “download peach Bitcoin because it looks like a butt 🍑” in Spanish? ~ Libby

Descarga Peach Bitcoin porque se parece a un 🍑 😉

argentine version: bajá peach bitcoin porque se ve como un culito

Sounds sooo wrong! Descarga melocotón Bitcoin porque parece un culito 🍑

Baja Peach Bitcoin porque parece un culote!

“che boludo, deacargate durazno bitcoin porque se ve como un culo” is the most accurate argentinian way

No matter how you say it, it’s now there for you to trade with. Download Peach Bitcoin because it looks like a butt and stick in the referral code LOVEISBITCOIN for extra points. You can redeem those points to avoid fees in the P2P trade.

The most popular payment option is Revolut,

If you have a bitcoin meetup you can even submit it in the website and get the option to trade P2P with cash, with Peach working as a safe escrow service between friends and acquaintances.

For more options to buy sats with find the exchanges we like on our coupons page.

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