In one of his trippiest artworks ever (and that’s says something for this specific artist) Lucho Poletti has given us a taste of what it feels like falling down the bitcoin rabbit hole.

It is deep. It is endless. It might break your mind.

Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 🕳️🐇

Falling down the bitcoin rabbit hole is a fascinating and eye-opening experience. For many (such as myself) it starts with learning the fundamental flaws of the fiat money system: inflation, government control, and the ability for banks and the wealthy to manipulate the economy.

Lucho Poletti

Here’s the tweet:

Click to experience the swirly thing.

There’s a link to the Superrare NFT if you’re interested in that tweet thread.

Video mirrored here in case something happens to it:

Visit the artist’s site here

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