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How Not to Brand Your New Bitcoin Company
Bitcoin Ethos

How Not to Brand Your New Bitcoin Company 

Here are some bad decisions to make when you’re creating the brand for your new bitcoin company:

Choosing Any Symbol At All That Might Even Resemble Anything Related to Conspiracy Theories

User Timechain on twitter had an excellent point to make about branding your bitcoin company:

Advice to Bitcoin Companies: Bitcoiners are Unique! When making your logo, please avoid any spirals, sixes, eyes, pyramids (play it safe and avoid triangles all together), snakes, six pointed stars, pentagrams, goats, skulls, bones, compasses & squares or hammers & sickles.


Making Your (Bought) Twitter Emoji Into a Swastika

Binance. They had this up for an entire day. Now it’s a poker chip, which does not shine the spotlight away from them being a shitcoin casino.

Look Like Contentious Hardforks

I can understand why the designer chose to go with this. It’s Cash app, it’s bitcoin, so let’s make it Bcash, right? But any single bitcoiner could have told them that it looks and sounds exactly like the hardfork Bcash which is not bitcoin. And it might get some extreme reactions when you place a huge fucking prop in the middle of the 2022 Bitcoin Conference:


Name it Anything Plus Coin

That’s a tricky one. Tallycoin for example is an excellent service, I’ve used it myself. But many people have said that they initially thought it was a shitcoin, and it’s understandable. We love Tallycoin by the way, it was just an unfortunate naming choice that might have deterred some from even checking it out.

Name it Anything Plus Crypto

That’s self explanatory, really. It makes sense to choose the word crypto, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency after all, right?

Sadly, the word crypto has changed in meaning to accompany all shitcoinery, and bitcoin maxis can and will scoff at that. It’s a Pavlovian response now.

Even the Cryptocouple, who are massive bitcoin maxis have went with the crypto name because of the alliteration (and rebranded into a second Bitcoin Couple for education). But in order for people to give you free pass you have to be as awesome as they are. A tall order indeed.

Your Twitter Handle Sounds Like Bitconnect

That’s me.

Apparently I’m not immune to these blunders, since my own Greek Bitcoin Network has a twitter handle of @greekbitcoinnet that apparently kinda sounds and looks like Greek Bitconnect.


Oh well. At least it’s fun.

What other bitcoin branding blunders have you noticed?

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