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How to Get a Bitcoin Job 

At the Hellenic IT Museum with our bitcoin meetup. Subject for today is how to get a bitcoin job.

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Our panelists were:

  • Yannis Stamelakos is a smart contract engineer who has worked in the Ethereum space for more than 6 years. He has been involved in the development of various blockchain projects (oracles, smart contract wallets etc.) and he has contributed to some of the biggest DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) in the DeFi space.
  • Dimitris Milisis is a web 3 marketing and business executive, engaged in various projects in the Solana ecosystem. He has worked with Solflare wallet, part of the original Grape Protocol team and is currently core collaborator at Dean’s List DAO, – one of the most profitable and active DAOs in Solana.
  • Andreas Kouloumos is a Bitcoin developer who works for Chaincode Labs and leads our BitDevs track.
  • Evangelos Barakos is a blockchain developer who has worked at Chainlink Labs,, FilmChain and Slingshot Finance.

The panel was moderated by our own Anni Panagiotopoulou, an active freelance Sales & business advisor for Web2 & Web3 companies. Also the Commercial Manager for Love is Bitcoin.

With the lovely Vasileia who I asked to inform people about @peachbitcoin and how they can use cash at our meetup!

Everybody wants to hear about the @peachbitcoin app where you can trade bitcoin non-KYC and peer to peer. And even trade with cash at an enabled meetup location, wow! Just download it and stick in the referral code LOVEISBITCOIN for one free trade and satsback

The Hellenic IT museum is a fun place where I found plenty of things I knew about and had forgotten and far more things that I never knew about.

Someone had some fun with the old computers that are still operational at

They even displayed an old Antminer there, and everyone kept asking me if it was mine.

Nux ( giving away hyperinflated Venezuelan Bolivars to @AnniPan2310 and @kouloumos and everyone else. I got some too.

Apparently this huge stack of pizzas 🍕 is what it takes to feed a bitcoin meetup these days. @Dimitris @kouloumos @AnniPan2310 @peyiotin Paid with bitcoin of course. That’s gonna feel quite interesting in 10 years.

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