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How to Get the Laser Eyes Meme for Your Twitter Account 

I’m still calling it twitter.

You might have seen it lately. It’s a sort of inside joke, a meme that may have started on Clubhouse. A hashtag of #laserrayuntil100k has given it away. Basically it’s the meme of someone like in anime getting laser eyes when they power up or get a limit break. It’s sort of like ascending, levelling up. Something like that.

It might feel like an old meme, but like Alejandra Guajardo (Miss El Salvador) asked on twitter recently and gotten a reply from Saylor, it’s still a thing.

If you’re feeling FOMO and wanna join in, you can just go to

You just drag and drop your profile picture, click on the lens flares below, move and scale them until they look right, repeat for the second eye, and you’re done! Click download and you have yourself a new laser eye profile pic for your twitter.

If you want finer control, you can use photoshop or any other image editing software. For example the online tool doesn’t overlap the two lens flares correctly and you always end up with one being darker. There’s also no blending options, which can change the look a lot. Using Lighten or Add blending options can make a difference depending on the photo.

Another trick is to angle the lens flares to the side, since that’s how most lens flares show up naturally inside the lens. And to give the second one a further few degrees more to make them angling close together.

Here are some lens flares PNGs that you can use.

It might seem silly, but this is the internet and we live on memes. Plus it’s fun. Go get your own laser eyes and HODL until Bitcoin reaches 100k. Buy some more if you don’t have enough (You can never have enough satoshis.)

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