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How to Meet Bitcoiners in Your Area 

Depending on where you live, being a bitcoiner can feel real lonely sometimes.

I’ve been very lucky to live in Athens and have found plenty of people to talk to through our Athens Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech Meetup ( But others are not so lucky, and the world is a big place. I often see tweets about bitcoiners asking how to find others, or mentioning that they’ve never spoken to another bitcoiner in real life.

Most meetups don’t even talk about bitcoin much. It’s ironic, but it makes sense. We are social creatures and bitcoin comes with a certain set of core values. It can be tiresome to talk to nocoiners about fiat things, they don’t understand and at some point it gets frustrating. Seeing everything through the lens of hard money can be a culture shock, and not many people can tag along for the ride.

So, here are some tips on how you can find some bullish people to talk to.

Go to Bitcoin Conventions

This is an obvious solution. Go where the people are. Unfortunately it might not be possible for many people. Travel expenses, sheer distance, or not enough time to spend are some serious limiting factors. But there are far more bitcoin conventions than you might think. We’ve made a list for 2023.

And you can find some bitcoin conferences on our coupons page to save up on sats.

Conventions can be loud, overwhelming and if they’re not bitcoin-only, might be full of shitcoins. But even in Bitcoin Miami there are lots of plebs to hang out with and lots of signal if you focus on that. The networking opportunities are enormous and the stories from the bitcoiners on twitter give me huge feelings of FOMO every time.

Facebook Events

It might feel like boomer tech, but facebook is where most of the people are. Many bitcoin events are posted around the world on facebook, it gives you massive reach. Do a search, if nothing comes up for “Bitcoin” use some relevant keywords, crypto, blockchain, and try to find some diamonds in the rough. If you’re not living in a large city you might be able to find some bitcoiners hanging out in your local cryptocurrency meetup, if they have no other option available.

Keep in mind that real life is not like twitter. People are much friendlier in person and you might find yourself hanging out with dogecoiners and crypto traders just fine. Everyone is on a different part of their journey and today’s shitcoiner might be tomorrow’s ultra-bullish maxi. You have to understand that most crypto degenerates feel that there’s something wrong with the money, they just haven’t put in the time and effort to study the right things.

So keep an open mind, and at worst you might waste a night out and just never attend again. At best, you’ll find a core group of bitcoiners with which you can form something separate.

Meetup is rather weird, if you’re not familiar with it. It’s the facebook events feature on its own. That’s it, nothing else. But many professionals use it and it costs money to run a meetup there so there’s better signal and not a lot of noise.

For example, we have our own r Athens Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech Meetup ( People come from all over the country to hang out and enjoy some bullish talk over beers and pizza.

Though there is much work behind the scenes from our organizers to network with speakers and convince them to come, the site also helps out a lot for digital nomads and tourists. Many visitors show up simply because they browsed and found an English-speaking group having an event. We show them our famous Greek hospitality and make them feel welcome.

You can do that too, when you’re travelling do a search on and see what you can find.

Bitcoin Twitter and Nostr

Right now bitcoin twitter is the place to be in the bitcoin space. The people there are usually awesome, and you can connect with everyone and anyone around the world.

So why not connect with someone around the corner? Ask around and you might discover meetups that you had no idea existed at a reasonable distance from your home.

Wear Some Bitcoin Merch

This might sound like the stupidest advice ever, but I remember plebs on twitter talking about how wearing and walking around with the Panties for Bitcoin hoodie made people stop them and ask about that.

You can get bitcoin merch at our Coupons page, find all the bitcoin apparel stores and save up with our coupon LOVEISBITCOIN on all of them.

Use the Orange Pill App

This option is rather new and it depends on where you live, but it can be amazing for finding other bitcoiners. It costs a small subscription so it keeps out spammers and shitcoiners. You can pay the subscription with sats on their website, it’s not possible from inside the app.

It’s also great for networking and connections for upcoming conventions. Now with an integrated event feature, you can check out listed bitcoin events around you and get all the details in one place.

Don’t trust, verify. Read the reviews and see what the plebs are saying about OPA

Do your brain a favor. 🧠

  • stop scrolling.
  • download OPA.
  • connect with plebs in your area and meet them for a drink.

Sign up now and start chatting with bitcoiners in no time. Sign up for the Orange Pill App.

Start a Meetup Yourself

I know many people stay anon and that hinders things a lot. But you could put out a call on twitter, nostr etc for a certain place and see who’s interested in meeting IRL.

Anons might DM you instead of commenting in public so make sure you keep DMs open. You never know. Stay safe, of course. Meet in public places and never disclose your bitcoin amount. Act broke, that’s the best thing. All you can afford is a beer, maybe two.

Seriously, all you need to start one is two people. You and someone else. Find any bitcoiner willing to meet for a drink and hang out with them. Make it a regular thing, whatever fits your schedule. Then start inviting more people. That’s how meetups are born.

Orange pill app can help with that.

It takes just two people to start a beetcoin meetup and the OPA app to bring them together.

What do you think? Have you tried doing any of these things to meet plebs in your area? Login with lightning by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this page and comment with your own story, we’d like to know.

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