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How to Orange-Pill Someone? Here’s the Ultimate Intro Package
Bitcoin Ethos

How to Orange-Pill Someone? Here’s the Ultimate Intro Package 

To actually understand bitcoin, you need to put in about 100 hours of research into it. Not many people can spare that time but here’s a list of good resources to get your friends and family hooked and want to read more.


Mysterium Satoshi (The Satoshi Mystery)

Wonderful animated short film about Satoshi and Bitcoin. Watch it here

Human B

List of Companies Invested in BTC

This list impresses people quite often. Not many have heard of MicroStrategy, but everyone has heard of Tesla.

Hardware Wallets for Security

We suggest the easy-to-use Trezor. Affordable, very user friendly, and with enough security to take care of 90% of attacks.

Bitcoin’s Market Cap compared to Other Assets and Companies

Market cap is a flawed metric, we’ve said so before. But it’s still impressive to compare so here’s a very good resource to do just that.

Compared other cryptocurrencies

Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin

We suggest Relai for EU residents. Use the coupon code KROISOS for extra sats.

What About Bitcoin’s Ecological Damage?

There isn’t any. It’s all FUD. On the contrary, we’ve covered the net benefit of bitcoin in this article. But here’s a good summary too.

Suggested Books

The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth.

Why Buy Bitcoin: Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow by Andy Edstrom

And of course The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.


The Bitcoin Matrix

With all those resources, there’s something for everyone. Visual people, readers, people with more economic aptitudes, you can orange-pill them all.

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