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I Coined This New York Bar’s Drink (For Real)
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I Coined This New York Bar’s Drink (For Real) 

No, seriously. I was talking about zappletinis on nostr and someone suggested they add it to the PubKey bar.

Bauzen on Nostr:

As it happens, a Bitcoin (BTC) themed pub named #PubKey has opened in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, where crypto enthusiasts can gather to enjoy drinks and food prepared by a three-star Michelin-trained chef.

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Follow them on twitter for events and announcements. Plus some cringey memes which means the truly pass the pleb test.

Make sure you order a zappletini and tell them Libby sent you.

Did you like my nonsense? Zap me some sats directly!

Follow me on Twitter at @loveisbitcoin21 and zap me on Nostr at npub1kwcatqynqmry9d78a8cpe7d882wu3vmrgcmhvdsayhwqjf7mp25qpqf3xx

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