I Managed to Get a Zap Right Up On the Beetcoin Miami Livestream!

During the Beetcoin Miami livestream, they’re rotating zaplife.lol stats, meaning it shows latest zaps. I asked my followers on nostr to zap me so it would show up on the livestream. https://snort.social/e/nevent1qqsrngeq9qqjwjp48zqpvn5u7ejddssn6u2e5udhps7fcstumhr3r2qdgyewm

And we made it! Two zaps, right next to Michael Saylor. You can see them on the screengrab above. No, loveisnotbi.

Somebody please tell Mikey to stahp buying up all the beetcoins and to leave some for the rest of us.

I love how you all just go along with my nonsense.

Watch the livestream here https://www.youtube.com/live/SNZnxsdWjG0?feature=share

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