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I Paid Good Money For This (69 Sats in a Zap). Enjoy
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I Paid Good Money For This (69 Sats in a Zap). Enjoy 

I have no idea how I came up with this, really!

I kept seeing these photos of plebs in front of the inflated beetcoin logo and then I had the epiphany to ask on nostr for someone to make their heads bigger. Not for free, of course, but in exchange for a 69 sat zap.

And my followers stepped up.

I think I have invented a new way to crowdsource content.

Look at all those poor people, suffering from inflation.


You thought Luke Dashjr could avoid inflation? No sir.

And these two.

She came back for more.

Triple hit!!! I paid three times 69 sats in a zap for this. Enjoy.

And a couple! How sweet. A shame they fell victim to inflation.

And of course this guy with the challenge from an earlier post.

Finishing up with a splash with a group shot! I zapped the photoshopper once for each head.

Good job, everyone!

I dare you to post more pics in front of the inflated beetcoin.

I double dare you.

Did you like my nonsense? Zap me some sats directly!

Follow me on Twitter at @loveisbitcoin21 and zap me on Nostr at npub1kwcatqynqmry9d78a8cpe7d882wu3vmrgcmhvdsayhwqjf7mp25qpqf3xx

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