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I’m a Cowgirl! Come Find me at the Bitcoin Rodeo and Say Howdy 

Embrace the Bitcoin Rodeo: Fueling Enlightenment and Entertainment

Hello fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts!

I’m Flo, your ever-enthusiastic artist and BTC aficionada, here to paint a vivid picture of what awaits you at the Bitcoin Rodeo 2024. This year’s event promises to be a splendid mix of technical insights, uproarious laughter, and sheer community joy. Let’s dive into what you can expect from the Bitcoin Rodeo this year!

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Speakers That Shine

The Bitcoin Rodeo is thrilled to feature an extraordinary lineup of speakers. Our event will host a variety of influential voices from the Bitcoin sphere:

– Preston Pysh, the co-founder of The Investors Podcast, known for his keen financial insights.

Francis Pouliot, the CEO and founder of Bull Bitcoin, bringing profound knowledge on decentralized finance.

– Nico Moran, the charismatic host of Simply Bitcoin, to keep you engaged and informed.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Our roster includes esteemed speakers like Peter Todd, Dave Bradley, MADEX, JP Sears, Ben Perrin, and many more, each ready to share their wisdom and perspectives on Bitcoin’s promising horizon.

Comedy and Roasts: Laughter is the Best Cryptocurrency

Laughter is a vital element of this year’s Bitcoin Rodeo, ensuring that while we enrich our minds, we also nourish our spirits with humor.

We are thrilled to announce the JP Sears Original Bitcoin Comedy Set, where you’ll experience uproarious laughter and sharp wit, specifically curated for Bitcoiners. Get ready to chuckle through JP’s unique perspective on Bitcoin and the crypto world at large.

In addition, join us for the highly anticipated BTC Sessions Roast. This event celebrates the wit, wisdom, and relentless optimism of our beloved Bitcoiner. Expect some good-natured ribbing as community members toast and roast in equal measure, recognizing and poking fun at the quirks and highlights of Bitcoin culture.

Sessions to Fuel Your Bitcoin Knowledge

Our event meticulously addresses a wide range of topics that matter to Bitcoiners:

– Bitcoin 101 for beginners eager to dive into the Bitcoin universe.

– Enthralling sessions like Why Binance Failed in Canada and Bitcoin Custody to deepen your understanding of the crypto landscape.

– Insightful discussions on How Fiat Ruined Art and Bitcoin as a Reserve Asset, providing a unique intersection of financial and cultural dialogues.

These sessions are crafted to cater to diverse interests, whether you’re looking to grasp the basics or delve into more advanced topics.

Blast From the Past: Reliving Bitcoin Rodeo 2018

The first Bitcoin Rodeo in the summer of 2018 laid a robust foundation, filled with groundbreaking discussions that set the stage for future events. Dive into our archives and check out the past Rodeos to get a taste of what exhilarating content and community vibes await you. It’s a fantastic way to witness the evolution of Bitcoin gatherings over the years.

Let’s Ride the Bitcoin Wave Together!

The Bitcoin Rodeo is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of our shared passion and relentless optimism for Bitcoin’s future. From the technical intricacies to the light-hearted fun, there’s something for everyone. Join friends, family, and fellow Bitcoiners in this unparalleled experience.

See you at the Bitcoin Rodeo, where enlightenment meets entertainment!

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Flo, your joyful artist and Bitcoin enthusiast

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