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Is This the Most Expensive Pizza In History?
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Is This the Most Expensive Pizza In History? 

Yes it is. Here’s an estimate of how each bite might cost in today’s prices, and remember we’re not at the All-Time-High of last year.

But what is this silly event? We’re celebrating the first ever trade of bitcoin to physical goods in history. Laszlo traded 10000 bitcoin for 2 pizzas, and it even took days for someone to take him up on his offer. Those same coins are now worth millions, but without him starting the economy we wouldn’t have what we do now.

And since reading is boring as fuck and pizza day is cool, just watch the clip below explaining the whole deal.

Enjoy your pizza today! The team behind Love is Bitcoin will be in Athens, those of us who can attend in person anyway.

Details of the meetup are here.

Send us your own Pizza Day photos on twitter!

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