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It’s Called Fashion, Sweetie. Look it Up.
Bitcoin Fashion

It’s Called Fashion, Sweetie. Look it Up. 

Who you gonna call? Apparently the answer is @bitcoinkatee

The mining backpack is certain to make a splash in any bitcoin event, guaranteed to draw the attention of all plebs on you.

Pair it with tight bell pants, white sneakers and a can-do attitude plus a winning smile, and you got yourself a sensation.

A warning, try to stick to the premises of the convention and remain visible at all times in case someone mistakes the thing for a bomb. Having an entourage of mining nerds escorting you and fawning over you with selfies also helps dispel any fear in the security guys.

Sponsored by Braiins, our mining pool of choice, the backpack sure made a splash in the pool.

And here’s a short video of the backpack too.

What do you think, anon?

Would you wear the mining backpack, or can you not handle the Brrr?

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