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Journey into Art: My Experience in Illustrating Rhyming Bitcoin 

Here’s my experience of illustrating Rhyming Bitcoin.

Since Brekkie asked me to be part of this book, I felt like it was such a special and meaningful project. Having the opportunity to help Bitcoiners educate their kids, but also to be part of an intimate, bonding event like reading to your kids about something that is really important to you, from their perspective… I’m really honored every time a new book sells.

Coming up with the characters was very fun; I tried to connect with kids’ imagery while keeping it entertaining for adults as well. In this regard, there are many easter eggs or tiny jokes that were specially designed to make adults smile. This was always our intention; we aimed to make it enjoyable for both children and adults.

Illustrating this book was very important to me; I had never worked on a project focused on kids before. It made me realize how the current system deliberately avoids teaching you how it works and instead benefits from the user’s ignorance. This made me recognize the importance of teaching kids from a young age.

This is one of my favorite drawings from the book….. To never forget that time @BVBTC
, @OtherAlias and I lost all our #Bitcoin in a boating accident!

Some more illustrations from the book.

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