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Kids Running Around Unsupervised With “Zap Me” Nostr Badges
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Kids Running Around Unsupervised With “Zap Me” Nostr Badges 

During BTCPrague there was a gaming area where kids could enjoy some lightning videogames and try out zap badges. These two little troopers were running it on their own. Here’s CryptoMags happily trying out the zap badges.

The BTCPrague conference had a dedicated gaming area for kids with lightningpowered video games and zap badges. The two kids running it were having a lot of fun testing out the zap badges. CryptoMags gave it a try and smiled widely as she played, clearly delighted with the activity. This innovative way of gaming technology provided entertainment and education to everyone who attended the event.

Tweet by Nathan_Day

The Sams (@sambonzuki and @PrinceySOV ) getting @Crypto_Mags hooked-up with a sweet #nostr ‘zap me’ badge back at @BtcPrague . They had a blast. So proud of them running the gaming area for three days with almost no supervision.

Cleaned up the sound on the video a bit.

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