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Lightning is the internet of money. It’s a layer 2 built on top of bitcoin, enabling instant, cheap, and semi-anonymous transactions with real sats.

It’s exactly what bitcoin is supposed to be, used as cash anywhere and by anyone. Join the lightning revolution, download a wallet and start sending and receiving sats in mere seconds.

  • We suggest GetAlby for desktop because it allows you to login to sites, to get a customizable lightning address like and many more. Get one here
  • Another fine wallet is from Zebedee that focuses on bitcoin-enabled gaming but can be used for whatever else you like.
  • The simplest one to use is Wallet of Satoshi.

There are many more wallets. Also, some implementations like Stacker News make you a wallet specifically for that site. Sign up at Stacker News and see for yourself how someone can cultivate a positive community that rewards you when you add value through posts or helpful comments.

If you need help reach out to us or at the support for the wallet you’re trying to use.